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Stories from France, part two

Exploring the medieval town of Viviers, France after dark and a ride on a steam-powered train.

Stories from France

Stories to share from three weeks of croissants & baguettes, red wine & espresso, the Rhone River & small French villages.

Party in the Pacific

A fishing trip made possible by the generous Pacific herring, who invited the salmon, whales and fishermen for a feast.

Mission Accomplished!

Langley Hospital exceeds its fundraising goal for much needed update to ER and a new MRI suite.

Photography Changes Lives

Students discover that photography is much more than picture-taking. Photography changes lives.

The Magic of Winter

The magic of winter is revealed on a simple walk through the forest.

A look back at 2018

Reflecting on 2018 with a few of my favourite photographic moments.

Get in the flow to get out of the rut!

How the assignment of a photography course pushed me to photograph in a new way and break down the rut that is the bain of many creatives.

A Beautiful Homecoming

What could be so captivating that would cause two old retired guys to revisit a scene with their cameras, over and over?

Blissed in Texada

A week of summer on beautiful Texada Island, British Columbia has a plethora of photographic subjects to keep me and my camera busy.


Ten photographers who attended Develop Your Creative Vision, a 7-day photographic workshop, are transformed by their learning and find new directions for their photography.