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Why do you photograph?

On the last night of an 8-week course, my photography students knew they would have a chance to explain their personal motivation for creating photographs. Throughout the course, we had looked at a variety of topics but one theme that was constant was to look inward and begin to uncover what drives the desire to photograph.

Photography classes Langley

Using flash with your camera …

Using flash with your camera so no one can tell has been the primary focus for the first three weeks of Intermediate Photography. The classes involved working with models and lots of practice. On our third session, we set up life-like situations in our home.

Family Portraits in Campbell Valley Park

The young girls in our family photo shoot, at the age of three and four, had obviously been primed for the camera and we're happy to smile at the right moments. Everything was going smoothly until Mike said, "Can we get one more shot over here in the tall grass?"

Making a Difference … for Girls

When I met with Kirsten Brazier, she was in the midst of replacing the brakes on her car. “No photos today, Dennis!” she warned me, as I noticed a few smears of grease on her face and hands. It was no surprise that someone who understands airplanes and helicopters from the inside out would take on a simple brake job for her car.

Girls Fly Too!

Hundreds of girls and women flooded the second annual Girls Fly Too event, held during the International Women's Day weekend at the Abbotsford Airport. The event is to encourage women to consider careers in the aviation industry where currently they make up less than 5% of the workforce.

On Turning 100 Years Old

"You look wonderful today!" I said to Florence when I first saw her at her 100th birthday party.
"You'd say that no matter what I looked like!" she replied, with a twinkle in her eye. Our good friend and former neighbour was in fine form as a crowd gathered to wish her well on this milestone day.

An aboriginal dancer in full regalia under a model of the crescent moon, a sign of good harvests to come

Pride & Joy

Pride, joy and celebration were on full display at the Hobiyee, a celebration of the Nisga’a Lunar New Year. The Nisga’a generously invited all people to join with them in this two-day festival held at the PNE.

Flying a Cessna 180 over Langley BC

Flight into 2015

I got a phone call on a brilliantly sunny New Year's Day from a fellow photographer, pilot and one who rebuilds airplanes. He had recently completed a major overhaul of the Cessna 180 pictured above and, before delivering it to the owner in Edmonton, wanted to get a few photos of it in the air. Have camera, will fly!

It’s Smelling a lot like Christmas

There's no mistaking the arrival of Christmas at our house. About a week before the big day, the kitchen goes through a two-day transformation as the resident chef gets busy on her annual mass production.

Collaboration in the Garden

My good friend Sven loves his garden. In fact, the garden has become much more than his post-retirement pastime. The Garden Space, as he calls it, is his way of celebrating the abundant beauty of God's creation. He's truly an artist and his canvas is a large rectangle of flat, fertile land that surrounds his home in Ladner. 

Drying fresh caught salmon in the traditional way.

From Anger to Understanding

"I would give anything to go and photograph the First Nations fishermen when they catch the spawning salmon and hang them to dry!" I said to an archaeologist who knew the area. This traditional practice is something I've always been interested in.
"They wouldn't let you, Dennis. You're not native." She saw my disappointment. "But they do offer guided tours."

Walk of the Zombies in Fort Langley

Zombies Walk in Fort Langley

Fort Langley was a lively place this weekend but it didn't last long. The streets were filled with a wandering group of zombies who silently made their way through the shopping area, danced a little, and then disappeared into their graves.