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Dancing in the rain

Photography in a rain storm at night can result in some creative images, especially if you allow yourself the freedom to play.

walking in the rain

Rain, rain, come again

Last week I spent a few delightful hours in a downpour. I was with my friend Richard, driving around in his car and photographing through the windshield. We called it the "Jeep Filter".

Fisherman at sunset in British Columbia

Best Images from 2015

I gave myself a year-end assignment today to select my best images of 2015. I've avoided this in the past because it involves some challenging introspection, hard decisions and a lot of time. But, as with any good assignment, I learned a thing or two about myself.

family photography

Things I get to do with my camera …

I've been getting to do a wide variety of things lately with my camera. Well, ok, pretty much everything is with my camera! Here's a taste of a few of those things.

Writing on Stone

We recently spent an enriching two days in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in southern Alberta. So glad we did!

man and motorcycle with dog

Riding with the King

"What was that?" I notice just about every motorcycle that goes by but I did a double take when I saw a bearded rider with a sidecar rumble by me. In the sidecar was a dog wearing a helmet and a pair of goggles. "I've GOT to photograph this!"

Gifts of Abundance

Considering our bounty of fish from the sea along with the sound of the humpbacks feeding in the background, I was struck with the sense of abundance we were given.  What a privilege to be part of this Creation with gifts all around us. And there was more to come.

My First, Best Fishing Story

I'm not a fisherman. But my son, Byron sure is. He fishes in lakes, rivers, oceans and even puddles if he thinks a fish might be there. He didn't start fishing until his mid twenties but now he knows how to fish in every situation and usually, when everyone else is getting skunked, he comes in with a boatful of fish.

Coming Together

It's such a gratifying feeling when, after working so hard for more than 2 years, the efforts of a whole team of people come together. I'm talking about a major four-day conference for photographers called CAPA Photo Expo that came to an end on August 3.

Time for a Pint!

When travelling, I'm always on the lookout for cultural differences. Top of the list from our recent three weeks in England is British Pubs. We found them all to be unique, interesting, friendly, delicious and definitely thirst-quenching.

London: A Mix of Old and New

On our first visit to the big city of London, we checked off many of the tourist items and did our best to experience life as a local. We rode the tube and the double decker buses, ate in pubs, took a boat ride on the Thames and walked and walked and walked.

Why do you photograph?

On the last night of an 8-week course, my photography students knew they would have a chance to explain their personal motivation for creating photographs. Throughout the course, we had looked at a variety of topics but one theme that was constant was to look inward and begin to uncover what drives the desire to photograph.