We’ve all heard that if you can remember the 60s, then you weren’t really there. But none us will forget the great time we had one afternoon this summer, celebrating the look and sounds of the 60s at a friend’s garden party.  The theme was actually 1964 as many of the guests graduated from high school that year. In fact, four of the guys have been great friends since about grade one. Now that is something to celebrate.  We all dressed for the theme and had so many laughs checking each other out. Flower power, hippies, groovy chicks, narrow ties and tie-dyed shirts were all in. Just for fun, I brought along my camera and set up a mini studio. Everyone had lots of laughs getting their photos taken. And then, to play on the theme, I dropped in backgrounds from the era, many with a Vancouver look. How many do you recognize?

party photographer
Friends since primary school, these four buddies are remembering the 60s.

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This was a simple green screen procedure, except that my screen was white. The set up was two umbrellas powered by speed light flashes, triggered by Pocket Wizards. A 10 ft wide roll of white paper was the portable background. After editing the pictures, a google search turned up a variety of images for the new backgrounds.

Photoshop’s ‘Refine Edge’ tool was the life saver here. Every image was individually selected to separate it from the white background. This actually didn’t take too long as the refine edge tool really helped to make accurate selections. Then, after simply placing the photo on top of the background, the image was done. Easy. And especially fun to try and match a background to the couple.




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