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Thankfulness is the theme for 2018. Thankful for family, good friends and good health … and photography! Each year, photography becomes more important in my life, as a way to express my appreciation for the beauty around me and to grow in creativity. And through photography, I meet so many people who become a part of this great community.

So, here’s a collection of my favourite images from 2018. When I look back through the 10 000 images from the year, I simply select my favourites. If they don’t meet the technical or artistic standards, they don’t make the cut. But of the many I’d love to share, the choice simply comes down to which ones I love the most. Originally, I thought I’d cut the list to 18 … but that didn’t work so here are 40 images from 2018 that gave me joy.

If you resonate with one or some of these, I’m more than pleased.

Thanks for having a look.

2018 began with an ice storm in the Fraser Valley. While damaging, it created intense beauty and kept the photographers busy!

In all my years living near Vancouver, this was my first ice storm. Such unique views!
Snowdrops are the first sign of spring, often pushing through the snow to show off their blooms. This collection was arranged on my lightpad.
It was supposed to be spring, or at least the new leaves thought so, when a little more snow showed up to say, “Not so fast!”
Creating portraits of 23 Kwantlen First Nation elders in Fort Langley was an honour. This image shows just a few, ready for hanging on the wall.
A spring morning in the garden is all that is needed to soothe the soul. A macro lens reveals intricate beauty, including a rainbow!
Summer mornings in the garden: no better way to start the day!
Garden tapestry in motion.
This great horned owl looked down at me with disinterest and seemed to say “Take my picture later, it’s nap time!”
Hidden in a deep thicket, this immature Long Eared Owl looks in surprise at my camera.
Coming home with the bacon, red-tailed hawk style.
My friend Joe and I were amazed at the aerial display of this red tailed hawk and American Kestral, screaming at each other for territorial dominance.
Wild horses on the range in Nevada.
While teaching a Develop Your Creative Vision workshop in Bella Coola with Chris Harris, I made this image of the Coast mountains at sunset. It’s a panoramic of five images with the water reflecting the beauty in the sky.

We spent a week in August at Big Bar Lake in central BC in the beautiful cabin. The stars shone on us for a while, only to be replaced by forest fire smoke.
Smokey skies created eerily beautiful scenes.
A cottage on the lake.
Texada Island was our camping home for a week. Such a peaceful place.
Refuge on a summer night.
Light show over the Pacific
With the sun setting, colourful jewels fell upon the beach.
Always busy, this gull prepares to drop a clamshell on the rocks, making lunch accessible.
A peaceful end to the day.
An impression of a summer evening at the beach. The fairy dust was created by the distant lights.
With the moon adding drama over the Vancouver skyline, Mars showed up to add to the show.
These Calla Lilies graced our garden all summer and then posed for me on my light pad.
Through my window: a look at Autumn.
Even fallen branches and weeds can make beauty with a camera.
During our Develop Your Creative Vision workshop in Barkerville, we met this couple who work there each day. Dressed in the role of 1850s merchants, they provide friendly service to all the photographers mining the site.
Morning light reveals forest treasures. Or is the light the treasure?
From my ‘secret spot‘ where hours were spent this autumn.
A special forest at Cheakamus, near Squamish.
Magic in the morning.
Visiting Gabriola Island to prepare for a coming workshop I found a porthole view of an ocean sentry.
Misty mornings in the trees on Gabriola.
Norma and Juergen have looked after this pair of horses for about 2 dozen years. We spent a special morning together with our cameras.
Great Blue Heron floats by like a flying dinosaur.
Mount Baker watches over a field of blueberries in the Fraser Valley.
A pair of Sandhill Cranes on the lookout, pause from snacking on potatoes in a farmer’s field.
Autumn, such a special season.
Vancouver in the Flow.
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