Double Exposure Blog

The Road to Nevada

A few landscape photos from the drive from Vancouver to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Portrait Stories

Portrait stories from the kitchen, garage and the local hospital. Interesting people, interesting stories.

Respect Your Elders

The honour of photographing the elders of the Kwantlen First Nation in Fort Langley provided a life lesson in the meaning of Respect Your Elders.

Twelve from 2017

Selecting one's favourite photos from a year of photography and going through about 25000 photos is no easy task but come clear criteria sure helps.

Natural Light Show

A rare combination of winter weather conditions in the Vancouver area created some wonderful light for my camera to discover.

Christmas Traditions

Decorating your own gingerbread houses is a special tradition for this family but a lot of behind-the-scenes, loving preparation has to happen first.

Serenading the Birds

On a quick trip to the Comox Camera Club recently, I was so thankful to have two opportunities for some portrait photography. One was with Mick Maxted.

Super, Natural Vancouver Island

There's no need to travel around the world when we have such beauty right here at home. A visit to Vancouver Island is good for the soul.

Ukulele Hot Springs!

When I got a call to photograph a weekend ukulele seminar in Harrison Hot Springs, I couldn't wait! I was looking forward to visiting a beautiful location and working with eager students while enjoying their music. On top of that, here was a photography assignment where I could bring my wife along.

My Best Photo Buddy

"I have just have to photograph this!"  said Julien, as we explored the natural beauty we were finding on our walk in the river.

Back to the Beatles: My Ticket to Ride

I was an impressionable young teenager when the Beatles rocked the world. For all of my high school years, their music reverberated through my soul.

Character Development

Last week I attended a photography workshop in Drumheller, Alberta with Dave Brosha and Wayne Simpson called Character.