Double Exposure Blog

Stories from Peru

Having just returned from two weeks of adventure and many stories from Peru, my original thought was to share one photo from each day.

Hobiyee: More than a Celebration

Attending the First Nations celebration of the lunar New year, I saw, heard and felt the profound joy of honouring one's tradition and culture and the freedom in being true to one's spirit.

A Dozen Photos from 2016

I've taken on the personal challenge of reviewing my photos from 2016 with a critical eye and selecting a dozen that represent my most satisfying work.

A Photographer’s Journey

My good friend Chris Harris enjoyed the evening of a lifetime recently when he and his partner Rita launched the last of 13 self-published books about the Cariboo Chilcotin, in BC's central interior.

Developing Creative Vision

What a privilege to work with Chris Harris and ten photographers for a whole week of photography in a remote location! The week ended on a high as our students described personal breakthroughs in their creative vision and asked to do it all again!

All Night with a Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower provided the live action on a perfectly clear, summer night that kept me happily photographing until dawn.

Lost and Found

With my macro lens attached to the camera, I walked to the edge of the campsite and sat in the brush. And got lost. And that's when I found so much more than expected.

Stories of British Columbia

After three weeks exploring northern British Columbia, what sticks in my mind is not so much the beauty in the landscape, although it was abundant, but the beauty in the people.

A Bella Coola High

We had a feeling something special was happening from the very first day. At the end of the second day, our students were saying things like, "I've already learned so much! How can we keep up this pace?".

Just like a tulip

Tulip time, that wonderful season when colourful little beauties pop up and joyfully announce that spring is definitely here!

Dancing in the rain

Photography in a rain storm at night can result in some creative images, especially if you allow yourself the freedom to play.

Rain, rain, come again

Last week I spent a few delightful hours in a downpour. I was with my friend Richard, driving around in his car and photographing through the windshield. We called it the "Jeep Filter".