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It’s Smelling a lot like Christmas

There's no mistaking the arrival of Christmas at our house. About a week before the big day, the kitchen goes through a two-day transformation as the resident chef gets busy on her annual mass production.

Collaboration in the Garden

My good friend Sven loves his garden. In fact, the garden has become much more than his post-retirement pastime. The Garden Space, as he calls it, is his way of celebrating the abundant beauty of God's creation. He's truly an artist and his canvas is a large rectangle of flat, fertile land that surrounds his home in Ladner. 

Drying fresh caught salmon in the traditional way.

From Anger to Understanding

"I would give anything to go and photograph the First Nations fishermen when they catch the spawning salmon and hang them to dry!" I said to an archaeologist who knew the area. This traditional practice is something I've always been interested in.
"They wouldn't let you, Dennis. You're not native." She saw my disappointment. "But they do offer guided tours."

The amazing beauty of the northern lights.

Photograph the Northern Lights

I was in Yellowknife for four days and we saw the Aurora on two of those nights. Hey, 50% isn't bad! And the skies were clear every night, so no complaints! There were lots of chances to shoot the stars, use the moonlight, and on our last night, work with a delightful young model, who posed for us against a backdrop of stars and moon.

Yukon Gold!

Yukon Gold!

We struck gold on our recent visit to Whitehorse!  Beautiful weather, amazing scenery and a special week with good friends. One of our highlights was a circle tour from Whitehorse with stops in Haines Junction, Haines and Skagway, Alaska and Carcross.

party photographer

Remembering the 60s

We've all heard that if you can remember the 60s, then you weren't really there. But none us will forget the great time we had one afternoon this summer, celebrating the look and sounds of the 60s at a friend's garden party.

rider's view of Harley console

Twice Across the Prairies

Last month I rode my motorcycle from our home in Langley, BC to Ontario and back again, a little over 10 000 km. I've pulled together 30 of my favourite images from the trip to share with you.

The Beauty of Saskatchewan

Last month I rode my motorcycle from our home in Langley, BC to Ontario and back again, a little over 10 000 km. I've pulled together 30 of my favourite images from the trip to share with you.

Paddling among the beauty of a summer morning on Stony Lake, Ontario.

Reflections of Stony Lake

Going out for a kayak paddle, especially in a place like Stony Lake in southern Ontario, is awesome at any time. But when it happens early in the morning, while the first rays of sun are reaching out and the water is calm, it is particularly special.

rock wall decorated by nature's beauty.

Nature’s Art in the Great Bear Rainforest

In moments we were within spitting distance of a magical stretch of rocky cliffs painted with a palette of greens, reds, yellows and browns, reflected perfectly in the calm waters at high tide. The colours merged into the rock formations to create what can only be God’s Canvas, an arresting display of beauty that had us spellbound.

Photograph History Today

I recently had the chance to spend several hours in one of the many fish canneries that dotted the British Columbia coast for much of the 20th Century. Built to process the salmon that was brought in directly by the fishboats, the few remaining canneries are a testament to the entreprenurial spirit in the face of many challenges.

Mist in the forest

My Photographic Sanctuary

The muffled silence, the smell of wet wood, the feel of the springy floor and new growth all around  … a walk in the forest is a sensual experience. For as long as I’ve been carrying a camera, the forest has never failed to draw me in and calm my spirit.