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The Beauty of Saskatchewan

Last month I rode my motorcycle from our home in Langley, BC to Ontario and back again, a little over 10 000 km. I've pulled together 30 of my favourite images from the trip to share with you.

Reflections of Stony Lake

Going out for a kayak paddle, especially in a place like Stony Lake in southern Ontario, is awesome at any time. But when it happens early in the morning, while the first rays of sun are reaching out and the water is calm, it is particularly special.

Nature’s Art in the Great Bear Rainforest

In moments we were within spitting distance of a magical stretch of rocky cliffs painted with a palette of greens, reds, yellows and browns, reflected perfectly in the calm waters at high tide. The colours merged into the rock formations to create what can only be God’s Canvas, an arresting display of beauty that had us spellbound.

Photograph History Today

I recently had the chance to spend several hours in one of the many fish canneries that dotted the British Columbia coast for much of the 20th Century. Built to process the salmon that was brought in directly by the fishboats, the few remaining canneries are a testament to the entreprenurial spirit in the face of many challenges.

My Photographic Sanctuary

The muffled silence, the smell of wet wood, the feel of the springy floor and new growth all around  … a walk in the forest is a sensual experience. For as long as I’ve been carrying a camera, the forest has never failed to draw me in and calm my spirit.

Cover Photo!

I was honoured last week to be featured in Canadian Camera, the journal of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, and to have the cover photo. It was definitely a kick to receive the magazine in the mail and see my image in print. Special thanks to my daughter Zoë, for her help with the cover photo.

Night Photography Lessons: Shooting in the Dark

Why are these people jumping for joy? Because they have experienced the joy of photographing in the dark! Well, not really, they just happened to be there and agreed to jump for us when we asked them.

British Car Show in Fort Langley

The weather may have been just like in London but the many British car enthusiasts who gathered in Fort Langley to show off their well preserved and polished vintage cars didn’t care.  Car buffs exchanged conversation happily as they looked over the diversity of vehicles with the sounds of British music in the background throughout the day.

Photography with Children

I have a new photo buddy, and he’s only five years old. My grandson, Julien is a natural with a camera and we had so much fun shooting together on the weekend. Wow, such a thrill for me to see him show so much interest in this.

Girls Fly Too

Girls Fly for Free! The Langley Airport hosted a unique opportunity on the weekend of International Women's Day. Any female, young or old, had a chance to fly in a plane or helicopter as well as interact with the many displays available, all to encourage women to consider careers in aviation.

Headshots in Fort Langley

When Daniel asked about some headshots for his personal website, he had another agenda in mind. His friend Andrea was learning about photography and wanted to try her hand at it.

Using Shutter Speed Creatively

This is my motorcycle going through a curve, taken last night in BC's Fraser Canyon. I rode the bike and took the picture at the same time. "How'd you do that?" you ask. Glad to tell you.