I was honoured last week to be featured in Canadian Camera, the journal of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, and to have the cover photo. It was definitely a kick to receive the magazine in the mail and see my image in print. Special thanks to my daughter Zoë, for her help with the photo above. While enjoying a ride on a beautiful evening last summer, I set up my camera with a wide angle lens and asked her to click away. With her arms around my chest so that she couldn’t even see through the viewfinder, she willingly agreed. We cruised all around the city of Vancouver together, shooting until the sun went down. This shot, taken as we headed south on the Lions Gate Bridge, was the favourite out of several dozen shots that night.

On the inside, the article Cruisin’ tells a little about how I combine my passion for photography with motorcycling, along with a collection of photos. Have a look here.

A huge thank you also to my good friends Matt, Randy and Bob for their help with the poker shot.

Notes on the photography:
It was important to create a sense of movement with the image above while maintaining sharpness in the scene ahead. A shutter speed of 1/40 sec was chosen with an aperture of 7.1, ISO 2500. Hand held Nikon D3s with a 10-20 Sigma lens at 10 mm. In post processing, the single image was converted to HDR in HDR Efex Pro, to add strength to the detail in the image.