Intermediate Photography in Langley Catches Fire!

two boys in truck with circles of fire
Caden and Ben celebrate the new truck as the light explodes behind them. Photo by Dave Ferguson.

new driver proudly shows his truck
The truck and proud owner dazzled with the lights captured by Kim Atkinson.

I was practically yelling out in joy when I realized how great my picture turned out! (Irina, student photographer)

It was a cold and rainy night. But it turned out to be the best night for photography. The fourth class of our Intermediate Photography course in Langley, was about to begin. We had been learning to create portraits using flash. After two weeks of practice, we were ready for an evening with actual models. Everyone was eager to practice their learning and make great photos with real models, rather than reluctant family members. 

One of them arrived with his brand new-to-him truck. We were to capture the pride of 17-year-old Caden, beaming with his first vehicle. In the rain. Using everything we learned so far from this intermediate photography course in Langley, we were ready.

We divided up into four groups, each one with an experienced photographer/guide, and got to work. How thankful we were that the outdoor location included an old farmhouse with wide verandas to keep us dry. 

We soon forgot about the rain as we quickly worked to create portraits in the fading light. Our models were helpful and cooperative and a joy to work with.

best intermediate photography class
Jade, Ben & Hailey were awesome models for our Intermediate Photography class. Photos by Sukh, Kirsten & Avril.

When dusk turned to blue hour, we had a bonus. We formed a half circle facing Caden and his truck and made photos with a backdrop of fire. A smouldering basket of steel wool, spinning through the air, created spectacular circles of light.

The shrieks of delight from the group of excited photographers echoed through the park when they viewed their images. “This was so amazing to be part of!”, exclaimed one student.

“We all had tons of fun! What a great night!” said another. 

“This is the best photography courses in British Columbia!” announced another.  

Intermediate Photography is an 8-week course that takes photographers who have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of exposure and composition to a much higher level of competence. Students learn to use flash for portrait photography so that the light looks completely natural.  They also learn to overcome the many challenges of photography at night. Other topics include intentional camera movement, light painting, creating double exposures and learning to think creatively as a photographer. A project is assigned to be worked on during the entire course which is shared at the end. More information  about the course is here.