About Photography Courses

photography courses, Langley

One of the things I enjoy most about photography is the opportunity to share my passion with others. After 31 years as a teacher and principal, offering photography courses allows me to combine two of my favourite things.

Each course includes all of these: a friendly, informal environment where we all help each other and every question is important; hands-on practice, lots of it; electronic notes and videos and, of course, homework! The homework is simply for you to practice the concepts and, the best part, there are no detentions!

The following beliefs about teaching photography with adults influences each lesson I offer:

  • Learning is best when it is enjoyable, relaxed and friendly. We learn both independently and together. Therefore, you are invited to take part in our learning community.
  • We’re mostly pretty sensitive about putting our pictures ‘out there’ for others to see. I will do my best to respond to your images by seeing strengths in it as well as  pointing out areas you might consider for improvement. I encourage you to do the same with each other.
  • We need lots of practice to reinforce our learning. You will be repeatedly encouraged to make at least 100 photos per day.
  • You want to improve with the gear you have without being told to buy more. I will only suggest the purchase of essential items.

Introductory Photography is offered in the fall and winter and Intermediate Photography is offered each spring. I also teach Lightroom Classic Made Easy, an online course to learn the best photo editing program.

Class sizes are limited to 20 students and each course is led by three photographers.

I strongly recommend that students take all three courses, or at least Introductory and Intermediate Photography. I have observed many times that the growth in confidence and competence is much more than double when the two photography courses are taken.

My students seem to enjoy the courses almost as much as I enjoy teaching them. Take a look at what the students are saying.