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Intermediate Photography

Are you ready to grow your photography skills?

Through this 8-week intermediate photography course, you will gain full control of your camera and ability to use all of its functions with understanding.  You’ll feel confident with portraiture in natural light and know when and how to add flash effectively. You’ll experience the joy of night photography in an urban setting. You’ll add many strategies and creative techniques through the weekly lessons and assignments and practice them in group situations with three instructors.

You’ll complete this course with a much greater sense of confidence in your photography and feel ready to tackle most challenges. Many previous students have gone on from this course to establish a photography business.

If you’ve taken Introductory Photography, you’re ready for Intermediate Photography! If you haven’t, all you need is a reasonable grasp of the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed and ISO), ability to use your computer to work with your photos and share them  and enthusiasm to go further.

The course utilizes a combination of online and in person delivery. There are three main components:

    1. weekly lessons delivered electronically, which include comprehensive notes, instructional videos and assignments to practice the concepts;
    2. participation in a private Facebook group to receive information, feedback on images, and much more;
    3. a weekly Zoom class, held on Thursday evenings from 7 – 9:00/9:30 pm. The main topics of the week are reviewed and student images are discussed. Three of the Thursday evenings will be used for group outings at locations that allow us to practice the topic for the week.
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photography training courses Langley
photography training courses Langley

Topics – Intermediate Photography

    • Flash photography: learning to use flash so no one can tell
    • Portraiture: making photographs of family and friends that are keepers
    • Night photography: capturing the magic and mystery of urban settings after the sun goes down
    • Finding Your Creative Voice: This topic is a focus that weaves throughout the course
    • Editing your photos: An introduction to editing your images to bring out their best
    • Other topics include: advanced focusing techniques, HDR (high dynamic range) and moving from documentary to interpretive image-making by creating double exposures in camera as well as with ICM (intentional camera movement)
    • Includes 8 weekly lessons, online image reviews, extensive support. Essential accessories include a tripod, speedlight flash and a flash diffuser. Equipment recommendations are below
    • A project of the student’s own choosing will be assigned at the beginning, to be shared with the group at the end

 Important to know

    • Other than a camera and lens, participants will need a tripod and a speedlight flash. Click for a flash recommendation.
    • For the portion of the course dealing with flash, students will need to have access to family or friends to practice portraiture.
    • Students should have reasonable grasp of using of a computer to work with their photos and share with the group.
    • Intermediate Photography is offered once per year in the spring (March to May).

Intermediate Photography in a Snapshot

    • Fee: $399 + GST = $418.95
    • 8 weeks
    • This class is offered once per year, in the spring.
    • Important dates 2025:
      – lesson one available on March 14
      – First Zoom class on March 20, 7:00 – 9:00/9:30 pm
      – NB: three of the Thursday evenings (April 10, 17 & 24) will be on location
      instead of on Zoom. Locations are Fraser Valley & Vancouver
      – Saturday outing: May 3, 9:30 to 11:30 am
      – Final Zoom class on May 8

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What Students Say …

  • If anyone is thinking about taking a course or is curious about how to take better photos, I can’t recommend this enough. Dennis Ducklow is a real gift and his course, for so many people, has opened up all kinds of new pathways to creative expression and confidence in photography. You won’t be disappointed!
  • I loved this course!! It definitely took me outside of my comfort zone, for which I’m so grateful. Dennis, thank you for changing my life. Thank you, Randy and Mel, for your support and for sharing your knowledge. You are a great team and have created such a special learning environment. I had such a wonderful time in this class and look forward to keeping in touch with everyone. Thank you all!

  • A special thank you to Dennis Ducklow who opened my mind and eyes to the more creative side of photography.

  • Your courses were a much needed escape during these times. I have learned so much over the past 4.5 months (intro and intermediate). I want to say more, to let you know how much I appreciate your teaching style, gentleness and support, but can’t think of the words.  So I will end with a big THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you Dennis! This would not have been possible without you and your amazing course. Been the highlight of my year so far, I’m so confident now because of all that you have opened my eyes to!

  • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and how you inspire me to look at the world through a different ‘lens’.

  • So very glad our paths crossed and you breathed possibility into something I already loved! Thank you so very much … you changed my life!





Refund Policy

This course is guaranteed to add substantially to your photographic knowledge and skillset. If at any time during the course you are less than satisfied, contact Dennis. A full refund is available within the first 14 days.

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