Intermediate Photography

Intermediate Photography is an extension of the introductory course, also 8 weeks, and will add to your confidence with your camera by adding many new skills. Weekly lessons and assignments will push you into new areas of understanding. You’ll complete this course with a much greater sense of confidence in your own use of the camera and feel ready to tackle most challenges. A project of the student’s own choosing will be assigned at the beginning, to be shared with the group at the end. Students who have not had the introductory course but have a good understanding of basic exposure settings are welcome.

The course is online and includes three main components: 

  1. weekly lessons delivered electronically, which include comprehensive notes, instructional videos and practice assignments;
  2. participation in a private Facebook group to receive information, feedback on images, and much more;
  3. a weekly Zoom class, held on Thursday evenings from 7 – 9:30 pm. The main topics of the week are reviewed and student images are discussed.

Group outings will be offered if the pandemic restrictions allow.

In Brief

  • Fee: $299 + GST
  • 8 weeks
  • This class is offered once per year, in the spring.
  • The 2022 version of this class begins on March 17.

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  • Flash photography: learning to use flash so no one can tell
  • Portraiture: making photographs of family and friends that are keepers
  • Night photography: creating special effects when the sun goes down
  • Editing your photos: An introduction to editing your images to bring out their best
  • On Finding Creativity: This topic is a focus that weaves throughout the course.
  • Other topics include: advanced focusing techniques, HDR (high dynamic range) creating double exposures in camera and success with ICM (intentional camera movement).
  • Includes 8 weekly sessions, notes from each week, online image reviews, extensive support. Essential accessories are a tripod and an accessory flash (speedlight) that attaches to the camera hotshoe. Here is a recommendation for a  speedlight flash.

Important to know

  • Other than a camera and lens, participants will need a tripod and a speed light flash. Click for a flash recommendation.
  • For the portion of the course dealing with flash, students will need to have access to family or friends to practice portraiture.
  • Students should have reasonable use of a computer to work with their photos and share with the group.

Intermediate Photography is offered once per year in the spring (March to May).