Lightroom Classic Made Easy

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Are you …

  • a beginner with Lightroom and don’t know where to start?
  • a Lightroom user but not sure you’re getting the most out of it? 
  • feeling lost when using Lightroom?
  • frustrated that you can’t find your images in Lightroom and feeling overwhelmed?
  • tired of learning bits and pieces by online searching without putting it all together?

This comprehensive course will take you from beginner to competent and fill in all the gaps. As a Lightroom user since its inception, I’ll show you the many powerful features that you just wouldn’t find on your own. The 30 videos of this course will use real situations to guide you through and demonstrate the many aspects of every tool.

This course teaches the two essential modules of Lightroom Classic: Library and Develop. And, as a bonus, two ebooks explaining the Book and Slideshow modules are included.

In the Library module, you’ll learn how to organize your photos so they’re easy to find. You’ll also know how to import them easily and sensibly and how to export for different situations, such as email, social media or making a print.

In Develop, you’ll take full control of your images and learn how to optimize each one. You’ll learn to use every tool in Develop so you can show off each image to its full potential.

Here’s a list of topics included in the 30 videos:

  1. Overview and setting preferences
  2. Library Module – the basic features
  3. Collections and why you must utilize this tool
  4. The Toolbar and making it work for you
  5. Importing Images the right way
  6. Sorting your images
  7. Exporting images for different situations
  8. The Find Tool – there are many ways to search for images
  1. Develop Module: Overview
  2. The Crop Tool
  3. White Balance – three ways to get it right
  4. The Basic Panel – the heart of the Develop Module
  5. Spot Removal and Red Eye Correction
  6. Introduction to Masks – the powerful new features added in 2021
  7. Masking with the Brush Tool and Select Subject
  8. Select Sky
  9. Linear and Radial Gradient Tools
  10. Colour and Luminance Masks
  11. HSL Panel – make selective colour adjustments
  12. Tone Curve
  13. Colour Grading
  14. Black & White Conversions
  15. Detail Panel: Sharpening and Noise Reduction
  16. Lens Corrections
  17. Transform Tool
  18. Effects Panel
  19. Calibration Panel
  20. More Very Cool Develop Features – Profiles, Right Clicking, Virtual Copies, Merging HDR & Panoramics.
  21. & 22. Putting it all together. To summarize, review, and reveal a few more techniques, the course ends with two videos showing you a complete workflow with several images.

Lightroom Made Easy was created for you.

  • The 30 videos explain and demonstrate each concept and tool in clear, easy steps.
  • Benefit from my 15 years with Lightroom. I hold nothing back in sharing with you the tricks and techniques learned over the years.
  • The videos are up to date and include all of the latest features, including the revolutionary new masking tools added in late 2021 (version 11).
  • It’s all here, there is no need to go searching elsewhere for answers.
  • You’ll have lifetime access to the videos.
  • No getting stuck! You’ll be entitled to join an exclusive, private Facebook group where you can ask questions about Lightroom and get fast answers.

Five Reasons Why This Course is Right For You

  1. You will feel confident and in control with Lightroom! 
    In Library, you’ll know where your images are and how to find them quickly. You’ll use the import and export functions with ease. You’ll know how to sort your images, rate them and make effective use of Collections. With Develop, you’ll feel proud of your images and know which tools to use for different situations.
  2. Stay up to date with Lightroom. When Adobe releases updates or new tools, I’ll send you the details so you’ll always be current. 
  3. I know Lightroom and I know how to teach. Put my 20 years as a professional photographer and 30+ years as an educator to work for you! I combine my two passions to create courses that enable photographers to achieve their best. Check out reviews from previous students.
  4. Learn at your own pace, on your schedule.
  5. Guaranteed! If you purchase this course and are unhappy with your progress, you have 30 days to request a full refund.

    And One More … No getting stuck! If you have questions or challenges, ask me directly in our private Facebook group and get answers fast. It’s my personal commitment to all my students, No Getting Stuck!

What Others are Saying:

Learned so much …

These videos are the best that I have ever seen as an Introduction to LR and believe me, I have done a lot of YouTube videos on the subject.  The videos have clear explanations and are very methodical in the presentation.  Your videos answered a lot of questions that I had never been able to find out.  I have learned so much!

By far the best …

I have taken many courses of this type, some several times, and your course on Lightroom is by far the best, and well worth the money. Thanks so much for getting me on the right track as I have had this program for about 3 years and struggled with it until now.

Easy to understand …

Dennis, I can’t thank you enough! You made what I thought would be overwhelming and difficult easy to understand and exciting to learn! Your teaching style is so easy to follow and your passion for photography made the course such a pleasure to take! I am SO glad I found you and I can’t wait for your next course so I can continue following my passion!

Try a Sample Lesson

Creating a Black and White image in Lightroom Classic (video)

So, what’s included?

  • a comprehensive course consisting of 28 lessons, valued at $250
  • two ebooks, teaching you to use the Book and Slideshow modules, valued at $50
  • access to the instructor for questions, via a private Facebook group, valued at $200/year
  • notification and explanation about major updates from Adobe, $100/yr
  • A $600 package for just CAD$199 !

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