Reviews: What Students Are Saying

In General

  • Dennis, your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of photography is evident and it has been a good incentive for me to get out and see what I can do with the skills I have learned.  Your lessons were comprehensive and easy to understand for beginning photographers – a true educator.  I liked how you sent us the lessons so we could review them at home.
  • Dennis is patient, relaxed and finds easy ways to explain things so that we understand. He takes time to make sure that everyone gets the concept right and provides in-depth coverage of camera features.
  • Dennis is encouraging and interested in you and your photography. No question is unimportant and he is nothing but encouragement plus.
  • Hi Dennis, I bumped into a lady on the White Rock Promenade today that really looked like she knew what she was doing with her photography. When I inquired how she had learned what she knew, she absolutely raved about the course with you at Peace Portal! She said you were incredibly patient and knowledgable and no question was too silly, so it sounds like the course for me. I have good camera I think?? I would need to start at the Beginner level. Is it possible to put me on a call list for the fall.
  • I would recommend any course taught by Dennis Ducklow. He is extremely well prepared with a balance of teaching and illustrated power point slides with a lot of time for practice.  Dennis adds interesting little creative touches to the class lessons, practice and homework assignments. With much practice built in to the weekly lesson and with the help of teaching assistants, my knowledge and skill was much improved.  I definitely have more confidence in photography.
  • Dennis, your photos are inspiring and as beautiful as ever. Thanks to you I am over my ‘camera fear’. I now have fun with my little Olympus.
  • Hi Dennis. Looking at my pics, I can’t believe how far I have come.  Thank you so much for all your knowledge, patience, vision and most of all your passion for your art that you have passed on to me!!

Introductory Photography

  • This is an excellent introductory photography course. It provides inspiration and good knowledge to start you off on the path to making and enjoying photography.
  • Recently we had friends over. Their whole family are photo people and shoot a lot of photos each year. We looked through 2-300 of their photos and, after taking Dennis’ course, I was quite surprised at the poor quality of their pictures. I showed them a few of mine and they were very impressed. They didn’t know about using aperture to blur the backgrounds so I showed them how to do it. I was pleased that I could help them and they were very excited.
  • Your course has paid for itself so many times over. My family now loves the pictures I take of them. I see my photography improving every week. Thank you!
  • Your introductory course has improved my photography dramatically. I have never liked and never been good at photographing people. Your course has changed that. Now, I considered all factors including depth of field, composition, lighting, etc. and took the first one, the baby photo using natural light and no flash. My daughters thought they were “awesome.”
  • There is so much that I am able to do now as a photographer that I could never do before….I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to take your course.

Intermediate Photography

  • The best course I have taken – ever! It is the most comprehensive, logical and user-friendly course imaginable.
  • I would definitely recommend this course. I would describe Dennis as someone who is encouraging, kind/honest in feedback, passionate about photography, more concerned with being able to share knowledge than making money from teaching a class & then walking out the door when it’s over.
  • I would most certainly recommend this course to others and, in fact, already have.  I would describe the course as informative, well paced, a nice balance of theory and hands-on practice, well thought out and most importantly, FUN!  Dennis is very knowledgeable and does an outstanding job presenting some pretty complicated material.  He always has the time for questions and is able to make things make sense.


  • I have taken many courses of this type, some several times, and your course on Lightroom is by far the best, and well worth the money. I think the notes provide immeasurable benefit because it is near impossible to see what you are doing and take notes as well. I have a terrible memory but I am sure I can manoeuvre through the components with the notes you provided. Thanks so much for getting me on the right track as I have had this program for about 3 years and struggled with it until now.
  • I really really appreciated the Lightroom course. I am definitely feeling more confident using Lightroom, and it gets better every day. It really helps to have the notes to turn to when I need them. The course was definitely a great value, lots of time to answer questions and learn. I really appreciated that first email to get everything prepped before the class even started. Looking forward to the Intermediate Photography class next month!