Meet Barbara. Learning photography gave her the confidence to follow her dreams.

Learning Photography Changes Lives, video

I’m so thankful to share in Barbara’s journey of learning photography.

And I’m so thankful that, through my teaching, I am surrounded by a community of learners like Barbara who are fulfilling their dreams.

The first time I heard Barbara tell me “You changed my life!” was after she completed Intermediate Photography. Everyone was asked to do a project as part of the course. Choosing a topic is often the hardest part and Barbara struggled. I remember her attempt at photographing her husband’s shiny black car on the beach at night with a flashlight. She was discouraged with her results.

She tried another idea that didn’t really connect with her and then she realized, “I love dogs! Why don’t I create a project about dogs?”

Her completed project was a collection of images of the furry friends in her neighbourhood. And her life changed. It wasn’t me, it was her idea that connected deeply with something she cared about. All I did was give her the skills and the opportunity.

We have since worked together to refine her skills and she has gone on to take workshops from people who specialize in dog photography. She volunteers to photograph dogs that have been rescued and are available for adoption. We even worked together on a photo shoot with Pearl, a young pup who needed to find a loving home.

photographer photographing dog
There’s Barbara, on her tummy to get the best angle of Pearl. This is a young pup so lots of help is needed to get the dog to sit still and look toward the camera. I came along to help with the lighting. Photographed with kind permission in a fire hall.
This is Barbara’s beautiful portrait of Pearl, from the scene above.
Dalmatian with fire chief
The Fire Chief was super cooperative as he allowed us to make a few photos of him and Pearl.
Sparky the Dalmatian with fire chief
Pearl and the Fire Chief were getting along very well. Soon after Barbara’s photos were shared, Pearl was adopted. Big success!

Learning photography has enabled Barbara to pursue her dream of creating a business and offering her services professionally. And I’m so honoured to be part of her story. Thank you, Barbara.

You can see more of Barbara’s work on Instagram @raisethewoofphotography.

You too can launch your journey into a world of creative expression and find “the confidence to be the photographer I never thought I could be.”

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