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It’s a perfect storm: I bought a new macro lens thanks to a great sale, spring is here and my calendar is full of free time. The result? 100s of macro shots but don’t worry, I’m only sharing eight, at least for now. During the lockdown, my goal for each day is to get quality exercise, learn something new and create something new. Here then are a few creations from the last few days.

Well, this makes it official: spring is here! With help from the spring from a pen.
Last year’s Clematis blooms make great subjects! The water droplets stick to the little hairs and create wonder.
A welcome visitor to my photo session was this ladybug but she didn’t pose with her best side foreword.
The water drops create a lens, allowing us to see what the out of focus background is.
More twisty sticks from the clematis vine.
Our garden is filled with Forget-Me-Nots right now. Always so beautiful.
Another contribution from the clematis.
These drooping tulips called me for days. After a couple of photo sessions, I settled on this one, along with the help of some oil paint from Photoshop.

About the photographs

My new macro lens, a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 was used in all of these photos, except the last one. But, combined with it, was a set of extension tubes, allowing me to get even closer and make those little droplets appear larger than normal. All of the photos were taken in my studio where I can easily pull down a black backdrop. The colourful backgrounds are created by placing a flower about 10-30 cm behind the subject. With macro, the depth of field is much shallower than normal so the background can easily be rendered as a blur. A trick I learned this week is not to put light on the main subject but on the flower in the background. I did this with a flashlight that was attached to a stand. The water drops were added by a spray bottle in some and by a hypodermic needle in others. Slow and steady here!

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