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“I have just have to photograph this!”  said Julien, as we explored the natural beauty we were finding on our walk in the river. “That’s the sign of a real photographer,” I replied. Click went the camera and a smile crossed the face of my 8 year-old grandson. I was smiling too. I love to be out with my photo buddy.

It’s been a while since we went out together with our cameras. Yesterday started out as a walk in the cool forest on a hot day, just the two of us. We found a tire swing in the woods, lots of plants to photograph but mostly just enjoyed our exploration together.

Julien’s signature first shot of the day is his feet. Now we’re ready to go! (c) Julien Ducklow
What could be better than finding a tire swing in the woods?
Julien found a natural seat as he contemplated his shot of the old guy on the swing.
boy with camera on water's edge.
We came to a river that we’ve visited many times before. There was a lot to see and photograph on, in and around the water’s edge.
river in a forest
After exploring the bugs, frogs and stones on the edge of the creek, we had an idea. Let’s walk up the river! OK!
Walking on the river with camera.
Everywhere we looked, there was interesting things to notice, like the colour of the water, the ripples and currents and, in the pools, the many minnows swimming. Some parts were shallow like this, some parts I had to carry Julien.
River with fallen trees.
A few times we had to crawl over and under fallen logs. (c) Julien Ducklow
When we reached the trail that would take us home, we met some people with two dogs. This lab happily played in the water. When he wagged his tail, it was like he had a squirt gun attached! (c) Julien Ducklow
leaf in forest with white sparkles.
A leaf in the river looks like it is sprinkled with icing sugar. We didn’t taste it though! (c) Julien Ducklow
While walking home through the forest, Julien played with the camera to create impressionistic images. Wow! Eight years old!  (c) Julien Ducklow
Playing with light and motion in the forest. (c) Julien Ducklow
We called this the Hug Tree. (c) Julien Ducklow

When we got home, we processed the photos and made a slide show for the whole family to see. It was such a hit that three people in the family requested prints of some of his images. Awesome! There were smiles all around.

And you can see the slideshow too!

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