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Our delicious Christmas Tradition.

There’s no mistaking the arrival of Christmas at our house. About a week before the big day, the kitchen goes through a two-day transformation as the resident chef gets busy on her annual mass production.

My wife Joan has a tradition which is well loved by our family and neighbours. She makes Christmas bread. Not just little loaves of bread but beautiful big loaves of twisty bread that is filled with dried fruits and fills the house with a heavenly smell.

After all the kneading, chopping, mixing, rising, baking and cooling, she decorates each loaf with a smattering of fruit and nuts, stuck in place with some icing. Then the loaves get all wrapped up and delivered to each of our neighbours, often while they’re still warm.

Our son Byron loves them so much that every year he reminds us he wants nothing else for Christmas.

There’s always a big beautiful loaf left over after the rest are given away. That’s for the family and it’s a big part of our breakfast on Christmas morning. Traditions are a good thing. Especially when they taste good. And it’s just one of the things that makes me proud of my wife.

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