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My favourite images of 2022.

2022 was filled with photographic opportunities that allowed me to create and express myself. For this, I am forever thankful. I’ve selected 22 of them (couldn’t limit myself to a dozen!) and put them into categories below.

Still Life via Light Painting

Early in 2022, I spent many a dark winter evenings setting up a still life and then photographing it with the only source of light being a flashlight. This is known as light painting. It takes much more time than one that is lit by natural light but it allows me to put the light exactly where I want it and to highlight certain parts. In the first image below for example, the edges of the glassware and the flowers received a lot of careful attention with the flashlight

Thanks to my friend Randy who loaned me his collection of old glass bottles, some of which had been recovered by a diver from the waters near Victoria.
Old fashioned tools, still life
Many trips to second hand stores and thrift shops provided items to play with. The wooden box has been in the family for more than 45 years!
black and white deep focus image of trumpet
My grandson’s trumpet became the focus of my photography for one full day. You can see more here.
a path in the woods, lit by flashlight
It isn’t really a still life but my light painting adventures took me out of doors as well. The forest near our home is an endless source of natural beauty and it looks so different at night. Here, I used the flashlight to illuminate the path as well as the three tree trunks.


When I looked through my favourite images of the year, these seemed to fall into the category of moments I’d like to remember.

Giant world war two bomber at rest
With thanks to my friend Alex, we visited the Abbotsford Air Show. We came home with many images of antics in the sky but this one, for its simplicity, spoke to me with the loudest voice, as I considered the stories from WW2 that it could tell.
Full Moon over Vancouver Convention Center
One of my favourite views of Vancouver! The full moon, which encouraged our visit, came up in the wrong spot(!). So, by using in-camera double exposure, we fixed that! A memorable evening of photography shared with my friend, Kim.
Local riders illuminate the night
While we waited for the full moon to make an appearance, we were entertained by a group of bicycle enthusiasts who had LED lights in their wheels. Such fun. Thanks for the moment!
Stately arbutus and a sunset evening
We enjoyed several days last spring on Mayne Island, and were gifted with this sunset and this beautiful Arbutus tree.
Arbutus tree against a star studded sky
Double Moment! A little later that same evening, the very stately Arbutus tree, with arms uplifted to the heavens, continued to attract my admiration.

Expressionist images

Every photographic opportunity begins with questions and decisions. What speaks to me in the scene? How can I convey my feeling? What point of view? What to include/exclude from the scene? All of these questions and more filter through my mind as I think about the final image. And many of those answers lead me to create an expressionist image, that is, one that allows me to express my feelings more than a representational shot would.

impression of small trees growing on the coast
This montage of three images was made on a rocky outcrop on Mayne Island. The young, spindly, delicate trees were bravely earning their survival on the barren, windswept coast. By using motion and multiple exposure, the fragile nature of these determined young trees shines through.
abstract of seaweed
The beaches of Gabriola is an unlimited source of imagery during our Develop Your Creative Vision workshops. Here, a sunlit display of seaweed exposed by a low tide was my inspiration for an abstract.
Impressions of sunset
Camping this summer on Texada Island, the evening was a painting waiting to be appreciated. My granddaughter Ella made sure I caught it by saying, “Come on Papa, get your camera, it’s so beautiful!” I’m glad I listened to her.
Abstract of reflections in windows
Many hours were spent this summer at Granville Island. This abstract happened one evening. What do you see here? Sometimes, when I go through my abstract images I cannot remember what the subject matter was. I actually prefer this because then I can look at the image, I’m free to imagine what it is and not restrained by the memory. More of my Granville Island adventure is here.
Vancouver's Gastown steam clock impressionist
Gastown’s famous steam clock never fails to attract a crowd, especially when the steam is spewing out.
Textures in Red. While this reminds me of a pillow, it’s actually from an industrial corner of the Tallheo Cannery in Bella Coola. I’m often rewarded by a surprise when I play with my camera.
Welcome to Vieux Montréal! The old core of Montreal is rich with lampposts like this, colourful trees (in autumn) and stone work in the walls and streets. So beautiful.
Old Montreal street at night
Imagine how the streets of Vieux Montréal looked centuries ago. Our cameras take us back in time! We’ll be conducting a workshop there again in 2023. Check it out, there is still room for you.
impressionistic image of trees on Granville Island, Vancouver
I was delighted to see this image on my camera’s screen! I made at least 3 dozen attempts and finally my idea was captured. Can you see my favourite tree, dancing in the summer sunlight?
Autumn shows its last colours
As autumn surrenders to winter, this proud tree hangs on in defiance to remind us of its amazing wardrobe.


I’ve got thousands of family pictures on my computer and normally I don’t share them here. But I’m especially pleased to share with you our growing grandchildren.

Ella has been learning to ride for about three years and she’s doing an amazing job. This is her forever favourite horse, Kermit. I managed to get her to pause briefly one evening while leading Kermit to the stable for a snack.
Burning up the ice at 6 years old, Ella’s younger brother Jack loves to play!
Hard to believe how quickly they are growing up! Julien, Maisie and Oliver are becoming such awesome people who make us proud.
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