Photographer • Teacher • Mentor • Artist

I’m so thankful that photography is part of my life.

Photography is my outlet for creative expression. I have a never-ending thirst to portray moments, feelings and stories. There is tremendous satisfaction in making images that express ideas that I may not even have words for. If you connect with it as a viewer, the joy is multiplied.

Every day I use my heart, head and camera to tell stories, whether I’m photographing clients, my grandchildren or the forest that captures my imagination.

An educator at heart (I was a teacher and principal for 31 years) I’m in my element helping students master photographic skills to proudly tell their own stories. Seeing my students grow in confidence and vision adds to my own joy of photography.

The photographic community is full of like-minded friends and learners. I’m so glad to be a part of this enthusiastic, caring and sharing group of people. We are on a journey together.

I’m grateful to my friend and former student who gifted me with the four words in the heading above.

Here are a few of my current favourite story-telling images. Updated often.

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