Double Exposure Blog

forest photo inspired by the art of Emily Carr.

Revisiting 2021 – There were some bright spots!

A baker's dozen images from 2021.

Blur with a Purpose?

Understanding Intentional Camera Movement and why a photographer would want a blurry picture.

Painterly Path in the Woods

A solitary walk in the forest with no agenda is my formula for creative image making.

adult male great grey owl in forest

Lazin’ on a Sunny Afternoon

Hanging out with a family of great grey owls on a lazy summer day.

Softness of Spring

In the brief window of early spring, trees soften as they transition from the bare of winter to the emergence of new leaves. A special time to photograph.

Macro Madness

Getting very close to things around the house with a macro lens.

Ice Follies

A simple project to photograph frozen flowers turned in to a three day odyssey with the camera and computer, spurred by creative ideas along the way.

Dancing Queen

It's wonderful to find your passion early in life. Fifteen year old Ellaena has been dancing seriously for ten years and lives to dance.

Lights reflect on river in Arles France

In the Steps of Vincent Van Gogh

The legacy and inspiration of Vincent Van Gogh seemed to be ever present as we visited some of his haunts in France.

Stories from France, part two

Exploring the medieval town of Viviers, France after dark and a ride on a steam-powered train.

Stories from France

Stories to share from three weeks of croissants & baguettes, red wine & espresso, the Rhone River & small French villages.

Party in the Pacific

A fishing trip made possible by the generous Pacific herring, who invited the salmon, whales and fishermen for a feast.